Infographic: 7 Facts about the Minimum Wage

Infographic: 7 Facts about the Minimum Wage

Infographic showing total number of deportations in the United States from October 1st, 2015 through June 2016, 2016. Infographic: Barriozona Magazine © 2016

Infographic: 7 Facts about the Minimum Wage: 1. It doesn’t go nearly as far today; 2. Historically, there has been bipartisan support for regular increases; 3. Eighteen states and the District of Columbia have taken action to raise their minimum wages; 4. The majority of Americans supports raising the minimum wage above $7.25; 5. Companies large and small have raised wages for their lowest-paid employees; 6. Most workers who would benefit from a minimum wage increase are adults; 7. The federal minimum wage for tipped workers is even lower. Source: DOL | Infographic: Barriozona Magazine © 2016

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